Maldives Holiday Packages

maldives holiday packages

Maldives is a South asian island country, located in Indian Ocean. It is in sowthwest of india and sri lanka. This beautiful island is hot destinations for couples, you can easily find best honeymoon packages for maldives and enjoy your life at this beautiful island.

Before buying maldives holiday packages, please check our travel guide which makes your holidays more luxurious.

How Many Days in Maldives

4-7 days are enough in maldives, more than 7 days you going to bored easily (Users Opinion). Generally Maldives holiday packages are available for 4-7 days and maldives honeymoon packages also for 7 days. Book Cheap Flights and Cheaper Hotels for maldives from Crennova Travels

How much flights tickets cost you for Maldives

Flights from New York to Male, Maldives in USD 549

Flights from New Delhi to Male, Maldives in INR 13499

Flights from London to Male, Maldives in GBP 379

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How much Hotels & Resorts cost you for Maldives

Maldives 3 Star Hotels & Resorts start from USD 99

Maldives 4 Star Hotels & Resorts start from USD 159

Maldives 5 Star Hotels & Resorts start from USD 349

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What include in Maldives holiday packages ?

Generally in Flights, Hotels, Meals, Transport all are available in Packages, and you can easily get this in Crennova Travels Maldives Holiday and Honeymoon Packages.

How can we book Maldives holiday package with Crennova Travels ?

Simply click here for book your maldives package and select your vacations dates and click on book. Enjoy your Vacations!

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